The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond

In Literacy this week we have been  reading a poem called the ‘Ballad of Charlotte Dymond’.  We personally think that it’s a very sad poem, because she mysteriously gets killed on her wedding day, up on Bodmin Moor.  However, its also a very interesting poem, as it leaves many questions unanswered about what actually happened on that tragic day.

All our class recommend this poem to you.  Everyone thinks that her boyfriend ( Matthew Weeks) killed her because of the evidence in the text, but other people may disagree.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing some persuasive writing and Journalistic writing based on the Charlotte Dymond Ballad.

Here is the letter that we wrote to Charlottes Mother, trying to persuade her to trust Matthew and belive him when he says he is innocent of her murder:

Dear Mrs Dymond,

I am writing to you to explain that I am innocent, and was not reponsible for the death of my beloved wife, your daughter – Charlotte Dymond.  As you may have heard, my trial awaits me.  I am here to show you that  I would never do anything to hurt Charlotte, as she was the love of my life.

Only a fool could murder poor Charlotte, as she was the most beautiful person in the world ( obviously she takes after you ).  As I sit here and cry I only wonder why someone would want to kill Charlotte?. Oh my beautiful Charlotte!

Surely you don’t think that I could ever harm Charlotte.  I only ever felt love for her.  She was my everytrhing and I’m not sure how I can continue in this World without her by my side.  In addition, your family have treated me with great kindness I’m very thankful for your hospitality, I would never do anything to betray your trust.

Having read my letter I hope you will reconsider your opinion of me.  All I can do is hope that you will realise I’m not the enemy here, and that Charlotte was a very unique girl, who meant the World to me!

Yours Sincerely ,

Matthew ( the boy who is in love with your daughter.)

We hope you enjoyed reading our  letter goodbye and see you next week from Nisha .R and Holly.C



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